What’s in my bag? My top 10 ‘bear’ necessities.


Wanna see what’s in my bag? What I absolutely cannot live without? 

Baglady- my life in a bag

Let’s start with the bag itself, my current favorite: a classic beauty from My7Ways by Astrid Beerkens, handmade in Portugal. Don’t you love the gorgeous Gucci-esque bamboo handles? According to M7W’s color system, orange stands for independence and adventure. Hear me roar! But without further ado, I now present to you my 10 handbag-essentials:

Acqua di Parma Gelsomino (jasmine)

1. My signature scent –Gelsomino (jasmine) by Acqua di Parma- in a handmade calfskin flacon. Because I’m worth it, bitches.

Sunnies by Porsche design, prescription glasses by Spijkers & Spijkers for Specsavers (don't tell anyone, but I have -2)

2. Sunnies by Porsche Design (the only ones that don’t don’t slide down my flat Thai nose), prescription glasses by Spijkers & Spijkers for Specsavers (don’t tell anyone, but my eyesight is -2, even after Lasik surgery)

Organic ginger mints

3. I’m a ginger-junkie. These organic ginger mints by Rapunzel satisfy my constant craving and at the same time freshen my roar.

So fresh 'n so clean: Burt's Bees wet towels for face and hands, for mother and daughter

4. I know. This screams obsessive-compulsive mother. But lemme tell you, these all natural wet towels from Burt’s Bees are not just great for tiny grimy fingers. I love using them to freshen up after a work-out or a long flight. And yes, to wipe my own grimy fingers occasionally.

Gamila hand cream

5. Like Gamila’s miraculous soap, this gorgeous citrussy smelling hand cream contains her ‘secret herbal formula’. Penetrates immediately, so no greasy finger prints on your iPhone.

Emergen-C; life savers

6. I swear: an Emergen-C a day keeps the doctor away. They say they are the perfect hangover-cure too but I wouldn’t know about that, of course.

YEAU! No sugar, lotsa flavor

7. Confession: I hate the taste of water.  I’m not a soda drinker either, but you know what I love? Water with just a LITTLE extra flavor. Like a perfect citron pressé. (Oh, the French!)  Since I don’t always carry a lemon, a knife and a bag of sugar with me, (or a French waiter for that matter) discovering YEAU! -no sugar, lotsa flavor, handbag friendly- was an absolute eureka moment for me. Two swirly squirts of the stuff transform a glass of water into a delicious drink. Which helps me reach my daily water quota in style. Which makes me feel quite French.

Duivelsklauw door Felicita Vos

8. I feel naked without a good read. No Kindle for me please, I love the smell of paper! I usually carry a New Yorker with me, but right now I’m obsessed with Duivelsklauw (Devil’s claw) by Felicita Vos, a haunting family drama that provides a gripping insight into Roma culture.

Happy lips with Burt's Bees balm and my favorite lip color ever by Revlon

9. What do you mean, stuck in a rut? Just because I’ve been wearing the same lip color –Revlon’s Moondrops in Blasé Apricot– for at least 15 years? Burt’s Bees makes the best lip balm, I share mine with my 6-year old daughter Tigerlily. (although she claims it’s the other way around)

Tiger balm, red version

10. The smell of Tiger Balm (I like the red version, with cinnamon) reminds me of my Thai grandmother, who always carried some in her snake skin handbag. I love how it relaxes my neck and upper back after a few hours at the computer and relieves the symptoms of a cold. All that, for the price of a cappuccino!

Outfit: shirt Petit Bateau, shorts H&M, heels So Jaimie

Outfit for a bag lady: shirt Petit Bateau (I love the slogan of their latest campaign: For Never Old!), shorts H&M, heels So Jamie