About my cheap-ass wedding dress (you’ll never guess how much), how Justin proposed, and why I said ‘YES!’. In this month’s Beau Monde. Read more

To me, one of the best parts of raising Tigerlily (8) is sharing my passions with her. Reading her Roald Dahl, showing her my favorite paintings in my favorite musea, teaching her the words to Rapper’s Delight. (“Everybody go: ‘Ho-tel, mo-tel, Holiday Inn’!”) But recently I discovered something even better: finding a new passion together. Read more


“We are moving to Holland,” I anounced when I was about 6 months pregnant. My American future husband, knowing better than to piss off a woman under the influence of pregnancy hormones, immediately agreed. He had actually come to like my proud little country: the tolerance, the herring, the bikes, the beautiful women riding those bikes. (not to mention the rather suggestive way said women eat said herring) Read more