As soon as Tigerlily discovered, at 2 years old, how great my favorite lipstick looked smeared all over her lips, cheeks and knees, it was ON. (Scroll down for photographic proof). From then on, my precious beauty stuff wasn’t safe anymore. Truth be told, I had been helping myself to a lot of HER stash as well; all that those organic baby-products from brands like Weleda and Burt’s Bees just smell and feel too good! So here we are now, a few years on: two beauty product addicts living under one roof, still stealing each other’s stuff. After all, sharing is (skin-)caring, right? Here are some of our favorite beauty ‘steals’:  Read more

Although I like to complain about how the obsession with fillers and botox is making an entire generation of women look like sad, desperate clowns, I’m definitely not against cheating nature a little. As a matter of fact, I LOVE ridiculously expensive creams that smooth out my 43-year old rough edges. And filters, god how I love a good Instagram filter! So what if there was a cream that could give your skin an instant Instagram-make over? Kind of like Valencia in a bottle? Well, I found three serums that do just that! Read more