HANOI, 2006- After leaving Vietnam in 1966 it would take Thich Nhat Hanh almost 40 years to return to his homeland. How would he be welcomed back? Would he be regarded as an outcast, a spiritual leader or maybe even a combination of the two? Whatever the case, when we arrive at Hanoi airport, Thich Nhat Hanh is a rock star. “I touched him, with my own hands!” Read more

Thailand, mijn oude speeltuin en jachtterein, voor het eerst bezocht als moeder, en dan ook nog eens als moeder alleen. Één week ‘on the cheap’, één week als de koning van Siam. Op het programma: Tigerlily’s eerste ontmoeting met haar Thaise overgrootmoeder, een fietstocht door snikheet Bangkok, en een kleine identiteitscrisis.  Read more

For one long weekend I wandered the streets of a strange American city without shelter, money or phone. I saw the misery and despair I expected, but also experienced freedom, raw intimity and even a tiny crush. Read more


My work out goals: to be relaxed, fit and bikini-ready year round. In that order! For the Dutch edition of Grazia Magazine, I kept a fitness diary, during what was probably my busiest fitness week of the year. Phew! (in other words: it may seem that way, but I’m NOT a fitnorexic Read more


Magazine 'Happy in Shape' cornered me on the red carpet to ask me about my diet and fitness routine. Reading back the article, I must say that I seem pretty happy and in shape! Enjoy the translation:  Read more

Recently, I, together with actress Victoria Koblenko, supermodel Kim Feenstra, and tv host Zimra Geurts, got in touch with my inner Marilyn Monroe for Linda Magazine. Maestro Marcel van der Vlugt had us make love to his camera and the formidable Karin Kuipers asked us questions like: Do we consider ourselves sex bombs? And: How often do we make love?  Read more


“We are moving to Holland,” I anounced when I was about 6 months pregnant. My American future husband, knowing better than to piss off a woman under the influence of pregnancy hormones, immediately agreed. He had actually come to like my proud little country: the tolerance, the herring, the bikes, the beautiful women riding those bikes. (not to mention the rather suggestive way said women eat said herring) Read more