Hotpants, tiny mini-dresses and little A-line skirts are my fashion staples; I don’t care if people say I’m too old (I’m 43), or that it’s too cold. If anything, how bad-ass to be able to defy both your age ánd the weather with one outfit! I might not go as far as French style/sex guru Caroline de Maigret who urges us to ‘always be fuckable’, even when ‘standing in line at the bakery on a Sunday morning,’ but I do want to say this: Read more

Mom Jeans. This is what I have to say about them: ‘Never go full mom.’ Have you seen Tropic Thunder? Remember when Robert Downey Jr.’s character tells a fellow actor: ‘Never go full retard!’? Well, once you go full mom on your jeans, there’s no way back. People can never ‘unsee’ when they’ve seen you like this: Read more

Confession: I bought these boots while sitting on the loo. Sorry to be oversharing, but there I was, casually scrolling through the H&M app, when I saw them: THE boots. Thigh high, lace-up, real suede, with the perfect heel for strutting: 10cm, not too high, not too low. These boots would turn me into  Robert Crumb's wet dream. Before I could pull up my panties, I had ordered them.  Read more


HANOI, 2006- After leaving Vietnam in 1966 it would take Thich Nhat Hanh almost 40 years to return to his homeland. How would he be welcomed back? Would he be regarded as an outcast, a spiritual leader or maybe even a combination of the two? Whatever the case, when we arrive at Hanoi airport, Thich Nhat Hanh is a rock star. “I touched him, with my own hands!” Read more

Thailand, mijn oude speeltuin en jachtterein, voor het eerst bezocht als moeder, en dan ook nog eens als moeder alleen. Één week ‘on the cheap’, één week als de koning van Siam. Op het programma: Tigerlily’s eerste ontmoeting met haar Thaise overgrootmoeder, een fietstocht door snikheet Bangkok, en een kleine identiteitscrisis.  Read more

For one long weekend I wandered the streets of a strange American city without shelter, money or phone. I saw the misery and despair I expected, but also experienced freedom, raw intimity and even a tiny crush. Read more