Outfit post – The jumpsuit and its streamlined sex appeal

Q: What do Lewis Hamilton, Elvis Presley, Bruce Lee and I have in common? A: We all look pretty snazzy in a jumpsuit! Well, at least I FEEL pretty snazzy in a jumpsuit, and own over a dozen of them. There’s something about the concept of a jumpsuit that is just so streamlined and sexy, so ready-for-action. ANY type of action, gheghe!

Especially when they have a zipper running all the way down the front. (Remember that picture of a bearded, jump suited Paul Newman? Scroll down for some classic jumpsuit-porn) Also, they never go out of style. The denim one I’m wearing in this picture is about 10 years old. The bag, however, is brand spanking new, and has a cool story.

Beertje van Beers wearing a denim jumpsuit, with a FAB belt

Beertje van Beers in a denim jumpsuit with a bag from Merel by Frederiek

Jumpsuit: vintage, belt: HEMA X FAB, boots: ZARA, bag: Merel by Frederiek.

A few weeks ago, I had coffee with Frederiek Waninge. This 27 year old entrepreneur blew me away with her business savvy -her beautiful leather bags are sold all over Europe, and she is one of Quote Magazine’s favorite ‘business babes’– but also with her dedication to her multiply handicapped sister Merel. She uses a percentage of each sold Merel by Frederiek-bag to offer people like Merel a fabulous adventure. ‘You get a beautiful bag, they get a beautiful day.’ Sounds like a excellent deal to me!

Beertje van Beers with Frederiek Waninge

With Frederiek Waninge and one of her beautiful bags at the College Hotel (my skirt: Wolford, shirt: Target).

Selection of leather bags, Merel by Frederiek

A few of my favorite Merel by Frederiek bags.

Paul Newman, Clint Eastwood

Classic jumpsuit porn: Paul Newman and Clint Eastwood, sometime during the Seventies. OMG, don’t you want to just help Paul with his zipper? With your mouth?