Outfit post – Faking ‘mom jeans’

Mom Jeans. This is what I have to say about them: ‘Never go full mom.’ Have you seen Tropic Thunder? Remember when Robert Downey Jr.’s character tells a fellow actor: ‘Never go full retard!’? Well, once you go full mom on your jeans, there’s no way back. People can never ‘unsee’ when they’ve seen you like this:


Listen, I AM a mom. I don’t want to look like one! (I almost said: ‘Listen to your mother!’) Then again, I’m hip enough know that mom jeans are hip. (oh dear, ‘hip’; can I even still use that word?) These Nineties throwbacks with their high waists and tapered legs look HOT on Gigi and Karlie but decidedly NOT on me or you.

So we have to fake it. Find jeans with a higher waist and enough street cred that don’t give us a bulging tummy and a flat butt (believe me, being half Thai, it’s a challenge for me to find ANYTHING that makes my butt look less flat).

When 'mom' jeans become 'milf' jeans

When ‘mom’ jeans become ‘milf’ jeans

Et voilá: these ‘shaping’ jeans from H&M have a higher waist and “technical stretch” to trim and shape tummy, thighs and seat. Yes, all the stuff mommies love. I tried them on and it was love at first sight. Unfortunately, the extra high waist version was not available in the store, but I thought this regular pair had enough Birkin-flair to pass. The high waist ones have been ordered. Stay tuned!

In the mean time, I feel hip enough to roll into a bar full of college kids with my friends like:

[youtube id=”2aVxNH6iN9I”]