Outfit post – Autumn proof hotpants

Hotpants, tiny mini-dresses and little A-line skirts are my fashion staples; I don’t care if people say I’m too old (I’m 43), or that it’s too cold. If anything, how bad-ass to be able to defy both your age ánd the weather with one outfit! I might not go as far as French style/sex guru Caroline de Maigret who urges us to ‘always be fuckable’, even when ‘standing in line at the bakery on a Sunday morning,’ but I do want to say this:

Celebrate your femininity, every day. Life is short, just wear the shorts! 

Maybe I was born into it. When my mother was pregnant with me, parading around in her micro-mini skirts, people would warn her: ‘Your child will be born with pneumonia!’ (scroll down for a picture of my hot mama in the early Seventies) Well, I didn’t, but I did inherit her love for anything scandalously short. 

At my wedding, my father gave a wonderful speech that he compared to a miniskirt: ‘Long enough to cover the subject, short enough to remain interesting.’ With that, he also totally summarized my lifelong style-motto.

Take this outfit. To me, it’s perfectly balanced. I started with highwaisted shorts from American Apparel that I wore all summer, then added warm socks, a ballet wrap vest and a cozy toggle coat from Uniqlo to a pair of hotpants. Soon, when it gets colder, I’ll have to wear tights underneath the socks, but for now, I like to keep things interesting by exposing my favorite part of a woman’s body: those creamy upper thighs. Have a sensual Autumn!


I’ve always loved ballet cardigans! I get my ‘wraps’ from actual dance brands like Capezio (a pretty good deal for $24,99).


Toggle coat from Uniqlo, Falke socks, Gucci loafers.

Beertje van Beers wearing Falke socks and Gucci loafers

Socks, glorious socks! (Falke) I even dedicated a Pinterest page to my favorite of all fashion accessoires..

Mushroom in Amsterdam Forest

‘One white spot will do…’. Behold the minimalist mushroom! (taken in Amsterdam Forest).

Beertje van Beers, her mother and grandmother in Breda, 1973

With my grandmother and short-skirted hot mama in Breda, The Netherlands, 1973.