Happy in Shape


Magazine ‘Happy in Shape’ cornered me on the red carpet to ask me about my diet and fitness routine. Reading back the article, I must say that I seem pretty happy and in shape! Enjoy the translation: 

Forty-something Beertje van Beers

Age: 42

Known for: RTL4 presenter and writer

Private life: Together with her husband Justin Pate, she has one daughter: Tigerlily

Secret weapon: ‘I’m very active, but it’s very much integrated into my daily life. I live on the third and fourth floor and always take the stairs. I also ride my bike all over Amsterdam. I have a healthy lifestyle, but don’t deny myself a thing.’

Fitness guru: ‘I prefer to figure things out myself. I don’t follow any rules. They make my grumpy.’

Always in my fridge: ‘I drink soy-cappuccinos all day, so soy milk. Also: hot sauces and blueberries in my freezer.’

What I ate today: ‘First thing: a soy cappuccino. Followed by an omelet made with coconut oil and in the afternoon an avocado with tuna salad. In the afternoon, I treated myself to cake from Arnold Cornelis. Dinner was paleo-like: steak, broccoli and spinach.

Secret sin: ‘I don’t believe in sins when it comes to eating, but I love brownies from De Bakkerswinkel, calamari and croissants. A few time a week I have French fries with a big dollop of mayonaise.’

Sport routine: ‘When I have time, I got to the gym for my ‘Beertje’s Special’. First, 5K on the treadmill or Elliptical, followed by 2 or 3 kilometers of rowing, then some arm and stomach exercises. It’s called ‘Beertje’s Special’ because it makes me very happy! Also, from Daphne Deckers I learned this trick: 100 sit-ups in the morning, 100 sit-ups before bed. It really works!’

Insecurities: ‘I’ve never been insecure, I think it’s very ungrateful to complain. I’m just glad everything still works and looks somewhat presentable.’

Food trend: ‘Chia seed pudding. Mix the seeds with coconut milk and blueberries, let it sit in the fridge for a while, sprinkle with cinnamon, and voilá: a superfood breakfast!’

Red carpet crash diet: ‘Never! For an article in Grazia I once tried out a three-day juice cleanse. The idea that I couldn’t eat any solid food stressed me out so much that by 8:30 AM on the first day I had already had two cappuccinos, a bowl of pumpkin soup and two muffins. I don’t understand where people find the discipline to do this stuff.’

Happy in Shape