Vier je vrouwelijkheid. Draag je steentje bij aan een mooiere wereld. Twee kleine motto’s die grote gevolgen kunnen hebben, denkt journaliste/presentatrice Beertje van Beers (43). Nee, dat denkt ze niet, dat wéét ze. Dus voedt ze haar dochter Tigerlily (8) ook zo op. ‘Haar vader is een soort Sinterklaas.’ Read more

Q: What do Lewis Hamilton, Elvis Presley, Bruce Lee and I have in common? A: We all look pretty snazzy in a jumpsuit! Well, at least I FEEL pretty snazzy in a jumpsuit, and own over a dozen of them. There’s something about the concept of a jumpsuit that is just so streamlined and sexy, so ready-for-action. ANY type of action, gheghe! Read more

Exactly 20 years ago, in a sweaty reggae club in LA, a boy got on one knee and asked me out on a date. ‘I’ve literally been stalking you for over a year now,” he said with a sexy British accent. He wore a big quiff and a huge grin. I wore my lucky purple push-up bra. Instead of calling the police, I fell madly in love.  Read more

Hotpants, tiny mini-dresses and little A-line skirts are my fashion staples; I don’t care if people say I’m too old (I’m 43), or that it’s too cold. If anything, how bad-ass to be able to defy both your age ánd the weather with one outfit! I might not go as far as French style/sex guru Caroline de Maigret who urges us to ‘always be fuckable’, even when ‘standing in line at the bakery on a Sunday morning,’ but I do want to say this: Read more

Mom Jeans. This is what I have to say about them: ‘Never go full mom.’ Have you seen Tropic Thunder? Remember when Robert Downey Jr.’s character tells a fellow actor: ‘Never go full retard!’? Well, once you go full mom on your jeans, there’s no way back. People can never ‘unsee’ when they’ve seen you like this: Read more

Confession: I bought these boots while sitting on the loo. Sorry to be oversharing, but there I was, casually scrolling through the H&M app, when I saw them: THE boots. Thigh high, lace-up, real suede, with the perfect heel for strutting: 10cm, not too high, not too low. These boots would turn me into  Robert Crumb's wet dream. Before I could pull up my panties, I had ordered them.  Read more